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Welcome to Brunei Stables. Whether you are a complete beginner, intermediate or advanced rider, there are lessons available for all at Brunei Stables. This page provides you with information on lessons for you and your family as well as timings, membership and lesson costs. This page also provides information on the RDA group ran here at Sandhurst, and a brief history about the stables and various unique traditions.

Brunei Stables were a gift from his Majesty, The Sultan of Brunei following the Sovereigns Parade held on the 8th August 1989, and in his honour, the RMAS Stables was named after him.


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Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) 


The Sandhurst RDA Group was founded in 1973 and operates from Brunei Stables. The group meet on to provide sessions of therapeutic riding to children from local schools.

More information on the RDA Organisation and the work they do.... 







For more information please contact Sandhurst RDA on:


Telephone:0845 450 6748




There have been further updates for riding opportunities.


  1. You must live within the RMAS or around Dawnay Road but work within the RMAS

  2. You must have experience riding horses

  3. This is open to adults only, there is no current opportunity for children to ride now

  4. All hacks must be booked through the Stables Administrator, email address below

  5. Your horse will be tacked up ready for you, however when you have returned from your hack, please put the horse back in it’s stable, untack and leave tack outside the stable

  6. The office and restroom are out of bounds however you are allowed access to the kitchen to wash your hands

  7. You are welcome to hack with a buddy, but they too must be able to ride

  8. Payment must be made before you ride and paid online. The stables administrator will provide you with the relevant account details when you book the hack.

  9. Where possible, you must always provide your own hat and wear riding gloves. Should you not have a riding hat, please let us know and we can allocate you one on arrival. This will stay with you until this situation is over and we are hopefully running a saddle club again


                Academy Hacks                                £15.00

Momday                                        earliest hack 1000  last hack 1400

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday   earliest hack 0815 last hack 1400

Wednesday                                   earliest hack 0700 last hack 1400

Saturday                                       earliest hack 0900  last hack 1345


Barossa Hacks                   £30.00   £40.00   £50.00 (dependent on length of time on Barossa)

We are now offering escorted hacks onto Barossa. These are available for intermediate/advanced riders only.  The cost is dependent on the length of time on Barossa but for now it is the £30.00 hack. This will change in due course and open for longer hacks.


                Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday             1000 or 1100

                Saturday                                                                                              1000


Group Lessons

Group lessons can now take part in the indoor school. These can be either private lessons or group lessons. Please book through the stable’s administrator. The lessons must take place between 1000 and 1400 subject to interest.


Costs     Group Lessons  Military                 £17.00                   Military Dependent        £23.00

                Private Lessons Military                 £25.00                   Military Dependent        £40.00


Where possible please can you provide 48 hours notice.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

This is one cost for all are as follows:

Barossa Hacks

Green Route - £30 Novice

Amber route - £40 Intermediate 

Red Route - £50 Intermediate /Advanced

Escorted hacks will take place:

Tuesday - Friday Earliest departure 0930 and latest departure 1400

Saturday Hacks departure 1000


Military Training 


Battle Back


Battle Back uses Adaptive Adventure Training and Sports Rehabilitation to help seriously wounded Service personnel gain independence and confidence to focus on what they can achieve, rather than what they can’t. More information on Battle Back can be found on the Help For Heroes website.


Army Pentathlon


The Core function of Brunei Stables is to offer education and instruction to Officer Cadets and help coach them in Army Pentathlon. 


Contact Details


Brunei Stables Secretary: Coral Webb

Military Extension: 94261 2386

Civil Telephone: 01276 412386



More Information


As well as the riding clubs, hacks, military training, and the RDA group meetings, Brunei Stables also put on a number of events thoughout the year;

examples of these events include: 


  • Clear Rounds

  • Gymkhana

  • Drag Hunting

  • Christmas, Halloween and Easter children’s parties

  • Sponsored rides





Please note that the Membership Fees and costs of all lessons and attendance at events is subject to change and can be done so without notice.  Private lessons are delivered around the CoH’s core responsibilities and may not always be available at your chosen time. During the Summer months, some of our horses are returned back to the Household Cavalry so that they can undertake their ceremonial duties. All lessons, hacks, events and other activities organised by or run from Brunei Stables is subject to the health,  wellbeing and safety of all of our horses; therefore any activity can be cancelled, suspended or deleted at any time and without prior notice. No compensation will be given when cancellations occur due to the health, wellbeing and safety of our horses. 

All lessons, activities, hacks, and RDA Group Meetings are run during the RMAS Term time ONLY; for more information, please contact the Brunei Stables Secretary.  



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