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The Brunei Stables were a gift from his Majesty, The Sultan of Brunei following the Sovereign’s Parade on the 8th August 1989.  


​The primary role of the Brunei Stables is to care for and train the Adjutants’ Chargers for Ceremonial Duties.   The secondary function is to promote the uptake of horse riding within the British Army by providing military equitation to Officer Cadets, supporting the Army Modern Pentathlon Association and training military riders to compete.   ​ Alongside its military roles, Brunei Stables is also a welfare facility for Serving Military Personnel, their families, and the local community.   The stables offer group lessons, private lessons, and hacks around the Academy grounds and Barossa Common.  


Group lessons are run in the afternoons and evenings throughout the week and on Saturday mornings.   Private lessons can be arranged during the week with the military instructors. 


We are currently only running a skeleton timetable for personnel living or working within RMAS – please contact us for more information.




If anyone in your household would like to ride with us in the future, then please register on our online system.   You will then be notified when lessons become available to book. 

STEP ONE - Registration

Visit https://bruneistables.ecpro.co.uk

Select Register/Login and ‘ARE YOU NEW HERE?’ to register a new account.  

STEP TWO - Rider Profile

Once you are a registered user, you will have an ‘Account Dashboard’ (menu).  From here, select Manage Riders to add and manage rider profiles. 

STEP THREE -  Membership

Lastly, select Clubs/Liveries from the menu and create a new subscription for each rider – Military/Dependant/Civilian etc.  This will ensure you are able to book the correct lessons at the correct price.


PRICES - (Autumn 2020)

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Brunei Stables regularly hosts outside organisations including Battle Back and Riding for the Disabled Association. 

Battle Back


Battle Back uses Adaptive Adventure Training and Sports Rehabilitation to help seriously wounded Service personnel gain independence and confidence to focus on what they can achieve, rather than what they can’t do.  More information on Battle Back can be found on the Help For Heroes website.


Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) 


The Sandhurst RDA Group was founded in 1973 and operates from Brunei Stables. The group meet on Thursday mornings in term time to provide sessions of therapeutic riding to children from local schools.

More information on the RDA Organisation in the South East and the work they do can be found here:   https://www.rda-southeastregion.org.uk/ 





Amanda Smith

Brunei Stables



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Please note schedules and costs are subject to change and can be done so without notice.  Private lessons are delivered around the stables’ core responsibilities and may not always be available at your chosen time.  During the Summer months, some of our horses return to London for ceremonial duties.  All activities organised by or run from Brunei Stables are subject to the health and safety of our horses; therefore, any activity can be cancelled or suspended at any time and without prior notice.  No compensation will be given when cancellations occur to the preserve the welfare of our horses