Welfare Office

The British Army takes the welfare of its soldiers and their families very seriously and offers a wide range of support. This page provides information and contact details regarding welfare, youth and community support, and Foreign and Commonwealth Citizens information.

The RMAS Welfare Team are available to offer support and guidance to all serving, Tri-Service Armed Forces personnel assigned to the RMAS or one of Sandhurst Station’s lodger units, to our Officer Cadets, and to all of their families.



The RMAS Welfare Office offer support and guidance with any difficulties you, or your family may encounter and can refer you or sign post you to other agency’s if required.

Relationship difficulties, deployment and separation, bereavement, support post injury, harassment, addictions, financial difficulties, relocation and housing concerns, children’s education, to name a few, are all matters that the RMAS Welfare Office can support you with.


Contacting your RMAS Welfare Team


Opening Times

Monday – Friday              0900 – 1700hrs

The Welfare Office is located on the 1st floor of the Wishstream Community Centre.


                                              Office                  Mobile

Academy Welfare Officer:                                          01276 412217       07500915943

Academy Welfare Warrant Officer:                           01276 412802       07900242382

Academy Welfare Support Officer:                           01276 414105               –


Should you require urgent welfare assistance during out of hours please contact the Guardroom who will then contact the Welfare Duty Officer if required.


Guardroom: 01276 412397


Code of Confidentiality

“All welfare work conducted within the Army is conducted within a code of confidentiality as the effectiveness of welfare provision is directly related to the trust in which it is held by those who mayneed to use it….”

Taken from AGAI Volume 3, Chapter 81, Army Welfare Policy.

This code of confidentiality is strongly adhered to by the RMAS Welfare Team.

More information on the Code of Confidentiality can be found by clicking link below or please speak to a member of the RMAS Welfare Team.

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